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4x8 feet plastic plywood

Monday November-29 2021 09:39:28

Plastic surface template in the construction process advantages
(1) Save resources and conform to the concept of green construction
Because of the rapid development of urban construction, the concept of green construction is now well known. And how to do green environmental protection in the template of the article has become a hot topic. Because most of the new plastic formwork is made of recycled plastic products processed in a scientific way, it can not only deal with part of the white waste problem but also think that we create higher economic and social benefits.
(2). Turnover times, not easy to deformation
Plastic cover template is the use of plastic recovery through strict scientific ratio of processing, because the characteristics of raw materials determine the use of new template turnover times far more wood template, so whether from the project cost or quality are beneficial and harmless. Especially like the southern region of China, because of more precipitation, there is a long time may be in the rainy season construction, so the wood template will be very simple deformation, and the strength will also decline, so it will form the project cost and delay, and the emergence of the new plastic template can make up for this defect.
(3). The surface of the new plastic template is smooth and smooth
The appearance of the new plastic surface template is smooth and smooth, so that when the template is removed, the concrete structure can be relatively flat without adding the release agent. And the use of general wood template may also need to be further polished, the new plastic template will not appear more concrete, after removing the mold can be washed with water. In this way, even if it turns around many times in the future, the appearance will still be smooth and smooth as a whole. The aesthetic of the reinforced concrete structure plays an important role.
(4) with excellent water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, fire resistance
Because of the use of composite polymer materials, its unique acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance is the general template can not be compared.

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