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plastic Form work sheets

Monday November-29 2021 09:25:51

The purpose of plastic formwork engineering is to ensure the quality and safety of concrete engineering, speed up the construction progress and reduce the project cost.
The construction formwork of cast-in-place concrete structure is a temporary structure. Concrete structure construction should bear horizontal load and vertical load.
The construction formwork structure of cast-in-place concrete structure is mainly composed of three parts: panel, support structure and connector. The face plate is the bearing plate in direct contact with the newly poured concrete, the support structure is the temporary structure supporting the face plate, concrete and construction load to ensure that the building formwork structure is firmly combined without deformation and failure, and the connector is the face plate. Attachments connected to the entire support structure.
Plastic building formwork is the formwork and support for concrete casting. According to the performance of the material, it can be divided into building template, building wood template, composite membrane board, double-sided composite membrane and water template.

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