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pp Plastic plywood

Thursday November-25 2021 21:39:46

The core technology of plastic construction template is the gluing surface of PP plastic film and high quality eucalyptus, smooth and waterproof and has a certain air permeability, its overall characteristics highlight no wet swelling, no cracking, no deformation, water resistance, boiling water for 5 hours and then cooling strength is not reduced, the highest turnover times of 30 times.
The mould-covered building template is light in weight and can be sawed, planed and nailed to meet the needs of building supporting moulds of various shapes. Plastic covering template is conducive to maintenance, template waterproof effect is good, according to customer requirements on the color of the surface, size specifications for customized production, to reach the site at any time, at any time to install fast and efficient purpose. No need for release agent, water effect is good.
Covering plastic template in the construction of intensive wall, roof construction advantage is particularly prominent, its large area, can be arbitrarily cut, smooth surface and other characteristics, making the wall surface without joint demoulding easy, surface smooth water effect is good, a molding, do not need two plastering, four seasons can be constructed, save labor and save material. To reach the site at any time, at any time to install fast and efficient purposes.
The plastic covering template is light in weight and can be manually installed and disassembled in batches by 2-3 workers without occupying tower crane equipment. A group of 2-3 workers can install 10-16 in eight hours. If several groups of workers operate at the same time, the template can be installed on the same day, the concrete can be poured on the same day, shorten the dismantling time, continue to install mold support, pouring concrete. The construction period for the site is greatly shortened, more than 70 percent shorter than the construction period of the traditional steel template.

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