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Installation methods of different types of PVC formwork

Monday July-11 2022 15:50:10

In the wholesale of PVC formwork, the weight of wood PVC formwork is relatively light, and the area is relatively large, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. In addition, there are other types of formwork.
When installing the wood PVC formwork, place both ends of the PVC formwork at the bottom of the beam at the crevasse of the beam at the top of the PVC formwork, support it with columns, adjust the height with wedges or electric drill bases, and the PVC formwork device at the bottom of the beam should be straight; The side formwork should be vertical, and the upper side of the PVC formwork outside the side beam should flow with stiffeners and diagonal braces. The upper side of the normal beam side formwork should be tightened with the bottom PVC formwork of the floor. When installing the steel PVC formwork, first set up the prop or support, adjust the lift of the prop top, and reinforce it with a brace. Then install the PVC formwork at the bottom of the beam on the top of the pillar, and initially install the PVC formwork at the side of the beam.
For the PVC formwork of the wall, the core line and the lines on both sides of the wall should be snapped first. On the one hand, the device should be installed first, and the support should be set up. The top plate should be lifted straight with a plumb bob, and the flow should be supported after the stay wire is leveled. In order to ensure the thickness of the wall, a support head or a pull nut should be added between the two PVC formwork.