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What construction conditions should PVC formwork meet

Monday July-11 2022 15:48:52

When PVC formwork is constructed, certain conditions need to be met to ensure its construction quality. Next, PVC formwork manufacturers will introduce relevant knowledge to us:
Ensure that its position is correct, and its shape and size fully meet the relevant requirements of the design drawing. PVC formwork shall have sufficient bearing capacity and stability, and can bear various loads under various conditions during construction. It is also required to be simple in structure, easy to install and disassemble, flexible in use, and can meet the requirements of binding reinforcement. Another point is that it is suitable for centralized manufacturing, saves raw materials, improves efficiency, speeds up work, and meets the requirements of subsequent processes.
The flow section of PVC formwork construction should be reasonably determined according to the form, characteristics and site conditions of the project structure, so as to reduce the investment of PVC formwork and increase the turnover times.