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PVC formwork

Tuesday December-21 2021 15:22:58

With 9 years of experience in building materials manufacturing and production, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and the best project solutions. Linyi Yaxing Formwork Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is a national high-tech import&export enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Linyi Yaxing employs well-known domestic experts and has more than 10 years of research and development history of building materials. Our products covers PVC formwork and PVC coated formwork. Its rubber and plastic insulation material sub-factory , which was completed and put into operation in 2012, has been in existence for 9 years. With strong corporate strength and strong scientific research strength, the company has grown rapidly in 9 years. By 2020, Yaxing already has 3 factories and 8 production lines. Annual output and sales have taken a dominant position in the domestic building materials market. In 2020, with the review of the current situation, combined with the status construction at home and abroad, Yaxing pushed its superior product, the new PVC plastic formwork to the world, and began to enter the foreign market, opening a new era of foreign trade.
PVC Plastic Formwork is a new type of plastic formwork, which is made of PVC material only.
It has the same sizes and applications as plywood formwork, but with much better performance. In wood-en structures, it can be reused at least 50 times. In premium structures which provide good protection for the formwork panels, it can be reused many more times.
With its development, we can save forest resources. This new PVC Plastic Formwork is in accordance with the world trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Energy-saving with its environmental protection and economic with its cyclic regeneration, this product is gradually replacing traditional formwork materials in civil engineering.
Sizes and Thickness
PVC Plastic Formwork has the same sizes and applications as plywood formwork.
Width: Up to 1250mm (49.25”).
Length: No limits.
Thickness: Up to 22mm (7/8”).
Density: 0.7g/cm3 ± 2% (standard), 0.6~0.9g/cm3 ± 2% (can be customized).
Color: Green-Grey (original), other colors can be customized (blue, black, grey, etc.).
The most popular sizes are the same as plywood formwork: Widths and lengths of 1220mm (48”), 2440 (96”), with nominal thicknesses of 12mm (1/2”)/15mm (5/8”)/18mm (3/4”). Other sizes can be customized.
Our PVC Plastic Formwork will lesson costs and increase benefits
Save formwork costs—Reuse ≥ 50 times in a simple wooden structure… much more in a premium structure.
Save purchasing cost.—No need for form release.
Save cleaning and labor costs—Doesn’t stick to concrete withing the first ten uses.
Save labor costs—Easy to clean. Just use a mop with water to clean the used PVC Plastic Formwork.
Save formwork cost—Foaming technology together with excellent surface hardness eliminates delaminating.
Save tools cost—Robustness and excellent strength to handle multiple demanding applications.
Save curing cost—Antiflame, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Alkali/Chemical Resistant, Moisture Resistant
Increased benefits—100% Recyclable. You can sell the used PVC Formwork for a higher cost than plywood.
Get more projects—Smoothness and hardness ensure the constant and uniform project quality from first to top floor.
PVC formwork , a new kind of plastic formwork, not the traditional type. Recent years, China constructors are trying to find new formwork to replace the plywood and steel formwork, because it spend too much cost to re-use such traditional formwork. Because of excellent performance, PVC plastic formwork is being more and more popular.
Main parameters for PVC formwork:
1. Dimensions: 4*8ft & 3*6 ft
2. Widely used Thk:5-25mm
3. Widely used colors: patented blue color
4. AVERAGED Reused times:50+ times
5. Recyclable
The wooden pieces that adhere closely to the formwork shall be laid lengthwise. Plate gap as far as possible to narrow, between the board and board to smooth. Wooden square specification 5×10 or 10×10cm, plate seam with putty embedded flat, or sealed with adhesive tape, so as to avoid leakage of slurry and slurry pollution plate edge. It is forbidden to collide with hard objects, knock with crowbars and drag steel bars on the surface.
1, top mold: first in the scaffolding horizontal spread mold wood square. The spacing is 1.2m, in the longitudinal wooden square, the spacing is 0.4-0.6m, the concrete thickness is greater than 200mm; The spacing should be appropriately adjusted.
2, wall mold: after the template longitudinal shop three wood square, and then horizontal shop two wood square connection, leave the screw position through the wall, set up the diagonal support, conditional, transverse steel corrugate connection can be used to form a combined large wall mold, can be directly lifted. Can replace a single block template.
3, beam, column mold: according to the size of the template cut, the top left through the wall bolt position. The column mould can be locked on the four sides of the short scaffold, and the diagonal brace is set up.
Treatment surface:
Before use, the surface of the template should be evenly coated with a layer of demoulding agent, in order to demoulding and surface cleaning, increase the service life of the template, change the surface quality of concrete.
Therefore, when we choose and buy, we should look at the surface color of the product. For good, the tone of the surface is very clear, and the depth of the color is the same.
Plastic construction formwork
After consumer goes buying, often encounter very big puzzle is the dry degree that how identifies lumber. Here are a few tips to tell if your wood is dry without professional tools:
1, wood weight. Wood is naturally lighter than wood containing water after it has been air-dried. Pick to building materials market, can use this move.
2. Wood feel. If the hands are not cool, they are relatively dry.
3, knuckle knock, the sound is crisp that is relatively dry, wet sound is relatively dull.
4, listen to the woodworker's plane, the sound of the push plane is clear, the plane out of the wood is smooth, the shavings are hot, that is dry, on the contrary is wet.
5, pinch a handful of sawdust, feel dry.
6, open the wood under a piece of kleenex, the second day to see whether it is wet, but also the basic can judge the degree of drying wood.Supplying construction formwork plastic concrete wall formwork reusable pvc plastic slab beam column wall panel formwork forms construction concrete building formwork boards for sale

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